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Jiuling Network, focusing on Google SEO technology research for 18 years

Jiuling Network is a technology-based company that masters Google seo technology. We're a non-ordinary sales company.
18 years google seo experience
18 years of industry experience, more than 260 SEO technical experts, 20 English editors, 100 customer service team
No billing for non-compliance
No billing during website construction and optimization. Billing starts after the keywords reach google first page. The contract period is 365 days for accumulative compliance days, and real-time ranking statistics tools are provided
300 localized service centers
Deployed 300 localized service centers to provide independent station marketing planning, implementation, and operation services
Jiuling Network, one-stop network-wide marketing expert
Optimize the product keywords of foreign trade companies to the Google first page through independent website marketing planning + Google optimization technology
47 Multi Languages websites
Jiuling network intelligent website construction system supports 47 Multi Languages websites ​​other than English (German, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, etc.).
Multi-channel online marketing system
In addition to multi-language and multi-search engine whole-site SEO, it also integrates intelligent SNS marketing Google seo business software, customer portraits and other foreign trade marketing tools.
Real-time monitoring of keywords and inquiries
Integrating SEO optimization technology, more than 100 keyword optimizations can be formulated according to the project, and the keyword optimization of Google first page exceeds the standards of peers.
More than 100 keywords Google SEO
Jiuling Network intelligent monitoring system regularly counts the google rankings of all the keywords that google.com users participate in the optimization every day.
Google SEO whole site optimization technology implementation standards
In-site optimization integrates SEO friendly elements from website structure layout to page interaction, and then to the front end
Google White Hat SEO Technology
Focus on content construction and improve quality score
Website HTML static page
Reduce database pressure and benefit SEO
34 Google seo implementation standards
Adhere to the standardization of Google algorithm and implementation process
Breadcrumb navigation application
Help users locate and redirect website pages, improve users exprience
Keywords plan for the entire site
Keywords method for each column, help to improve keywords rank in google
Google SEO backlinks construction
High relevance, high quality, high stability
Html and XML Google Sitemap
Improve the speed and number of website pages indexed by Google
Website content SEO planning plan
Play a role in SEO promotion and keywords deployment
Use of H tags in website design
Facilitate the weight transfer between website links
H5 website, compatible with mobile
Increase user experience and centralize traffic and weight
Multi-channel network integrated marketing
Multi-language, multi-search engine, whole site SEO, intelligent SNS marketing, Google seo business software
Google seo business software
The technical team of Jiuling Networks developed a business exposure and rapid communication software specially for Google seo users. With this software, users can easily and quickly create corporate accounts on more than a thousand internationally-known foreign trade B2B business platforms, and publish the company’s product or service information to the corresponding platform to gain more exposure for the company’s products or services. Get more traffic for the company's website, which can then be converted into inquiries and orders.
Customer portrait
Analyze buyer information from multiple dimensions, and provide accurate data for Google seo users to quickly identify buyers and formulate next-step customer development plans.
Smart SNS marketing
One-stop social marketing based on global SNS big data helps foreign trade companies to intelligently mine customer data, intelligently interact, and intelligently achieve conversion. Including cross-platform and multi-account management system, intelligent social marketing system, and intelligent monitoring system.
Foreign trade practical training
Jiuling Network provides Google seo users with various forms of practical foreign trade training, including site-wide SEO techniques and strategies, how to build marketing-oriented websites, and how to improve the conversion of enquiries.
Intelligent marketing monitoring system
Keyword ranking statistics, website traffic statistics, traffic tracking view
Keyword ranking statistics
Jiuling Network intelligent monitoring system regularly counts the google rankings of all the keywords that google.com users participate in the optimization every day.
Website traffic statistics
Jiuling Network Intelligent Monitoring System counts the PV and access IP of the user's website in real time every day.
Traffic tracking view
In addition to statistics on website traffic, users can also check the origin of the domain name each time they visit through the Jiuling Network intelligent monitoring system.
Mail and inquiry management
Using the website created by Jiuling Network’s self-service station building system, the front desk will have a convenient link for interested buyers to send emails or inquiries to the user’s enterprise. As long as the visitor triggers, all information will be recorded in the management background of the website, which is convenient User query and management.
Google seo system APP
View and manage keyword rankings, traffic, visits, emails and inquiries anytime and anywhere, and communicate and interact with customers in a timely manner.
Seo effect display of Jiuling Network official website
Some of the data on Jiuling official website is displayed, to experience our technical strength immersively on the spot and build full trust. If you want to know more about seo technology, please contact us!
Google seo customer testimony
Since its launch, it has accumulated more than 10,000 paying users. After the market test, the product has been updated several times
Independent website marketing information and opinions
Company news, technical opinions, product explanations

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