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Google SEO Optimization
Our company has accumulated more than ten years of Google SEO experience. By helping foreign trade companies build 48 language websites and the company's SEO technology, at least 50-1000 English keywords are optimized to the Google firstpage!
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Introduction of Google SEO
Introduction of google Search Engine Optimization
Google SEO, also known as Google Search Engine Optimization, is a technique to improve a website's ranking in Google. SEO translation is search engine optimization, which is to optimize the content, structure, external links and other aspects of the website to make the website more in line with the crawling of search engine spiders, thereby improving the ranking of the website in the search results and increasing the traffic of the website, so as to achieve The purpose of internet marketing. Search engines have their own rules and algorithms for indexing web pages (about 200 algorithms). When we build a website, we make the content and structure of the website suitable for search engine search rules and algorithms, so that search engines can quickly read understand and analyze the content on our website.

The essence of search engine optimization is to build a website that search engines and users love. Google's new algorithm in 2018, which emphasizes user experience, is listed as the third largest factor affecting Google rankings. It pays great attention to the way users interact with search results, such as website click-through rate, dwell time, bounce rate, etc. The criteria for these tests are user experience. When you make a query in a search engine, it combs through its vast database of web pages to provide search engine results pages (SERPs) where web pages are ranked by relevance and popularity. The more relevant the results, the higher the ranking...
Introduction of Google SEO System
Introduction of Jiuling Network google seo system
Jiuling Network Google SEO system is an intelligent network marketing system platform based on big data and cloud computing on the basis of 18 years of SEO optimization technology. Relying on five functional systems, it helps foreign trade enterprises to intelligently create multilingual marketing websites and advanced VR display websites, and realize global promotion and emerging market development through buyer data mining, as well as search engine marketing, SNS and other multi-channel network marketing.

12 Steps To Success SEO
12 steps to SEO's success
Before we start work, our team will take time to understand you and your business.
Knowing more about your audience, business model and goals, more information will enable us to develop a search engine optimization strategy that suits you.

1.Peer website analysis

Understand the website layout and marketing model of
competitors to help the website optimization direction.

2.Keyword combing

Combine product keywords and SEO
professional tools to select relevant keywords.

3.Determine the category column keywords

Report the keywords refined by the SEOer, feed back to
the customer, and determine the implementation plan.

4.Determine the website structure

The SEO director will personally give advice on
the structure of the website suitable for SEO.

5.Website construction

The designer and front-end engineer make the
website according to the confirmed plan.

6.Keyword settings

The SEOer uses a language that the search engine can
understand to set the TDK parameters of the website page.

7.Website online

After getting the customer's approval, we will
publish the website as soon as possible,
waiting for search engine spiders to include it.

8.Content optimization

The optimizer focuses on optimizing
the core page and product detail page
to increase the page weight.

9.Keyword layout

Combining the context of the existing text content
on the page, the page TKD and page keywords
are scattered and deployed on the page.

10.Keyword adjustment

Adjust the keywords of the underlying products
and form aggregate classifications.

11.Quarterly data analysis report

Data analysis report, including website
traffic and product keyword ranking.

12.Strategy adjustment

Label and group existing products, aggregate products,
and optimize aggregate product pages.

Refined control Of The Entire SEO Process
SEO full process fine control
No Good Process, No Good Results!Leading after-sales service work management system uses software to control all work processes and automatically calculates KPIs.
Let the details be visible and the process controllable, this is the customer service standard we advocate!
Keyword-based business value analysis

Keyword-based business value analysis

According to the search volume of keywords, the number of advertisements, and the bidding price, the commercial value and weight priority are determined, and the whole site deployment plan is formulated.
100% compliant with search engine rules

Technical review and website internal optimization

Technical review can improve the usability of the website. SEO review of the content is performed when data is entered to ensure that all content is suitable for SEO.
Stay ahead of the competition

External backlinks construction and competition analysis

The high-quality external backlinks construction of the entire network and the monitoring of competitors' data have surpassed competitors in various SEO indicators and achieved higher rankings.
The Technical Team of Listed Companies Provides Guaranteed Google SEO Services
Listed company technical team provides guaranteed SEO services
With years of SEO experience and a data-driven approach, we provide guaranteed SEO services.
SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, and we focus on optimization that will stand the test of time.

1. Website diagnostic analysis

Diagnose and analyze existing websites from the aspects of website speed, user experience, and rationality of website keyword layout.

2. Website data analysis

Globally grasp the consumer market, monitor customer browsing pages, etc., track the bounce rate and website stay time, make the tracking more purposeful and improve the transaction rate.

3. Analysis of product market and search habits

Analyze competing products, conduct data analysis, understand the market and culture of user products, and study user search habits.

4. Research on core products of the website

Combined with the analysis of the market, culture and user search habits where the product is located, research core products, expand key product keywords, and distribute keywords globally on the website.

5. Website user experience planning

For the purpose of improving user experience and website persuasion, reasonably plan the content and layout framework in line with website promotion and marketing.










TKD标签优化,确保每个页面的唯一性;Heading标签优化; TAG 标签优化。











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