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Baidu SEO Charged Per Day
Through our SEO technology, optimize your website keywords to the homepage of search engines such as Baidu, 360, Sogou, etc., billed by the day, not on the firstpage!
If you encounter some troubles or lack of technical consultants in Baidu SEO's daily billing, please contact us.
Baidu SEO Introduction
Introduction Of Baidu SEO Daily Billing
SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a technique to improve the ranking of websites in search engines such as Baidu. SEO translates to search engine optimization. It optimizes the content, structure, external links and other aspects of the website to make the website more in line with the crawling of search engine spiders, thereby improving the ranking of the website in search results and increasing website traffic, so as to achieve The purpose of internet marketing. Search engines have their own rules and algorithms for collecting webpages (about 200 algorithms). When we construct a website, we adapt the content and structure of the website to the search engine's search rules and algorithms, so that search engines can quickly read understand and analyze the content on our website.

The essence of search engine optimization is to build a search engine and a website that users love. New algorithms such as Baidu emphasize the user experience and are listed as the third most important factor affecting rankings such as Baidu. It pays much attention to the way users interact with search results, such as website click-through rate, dwell time, bounce rate, etc. The standard for these tests is user experience. When you make a query in a search engine, it will sort out its huge webpage database to provide a search engine result page (SERP) in which the webpages are ranked by relevance and popularity. The more relevant the result, the higher the ranking...

A daily billing is implemented for keywords optimized for search engines. The system can automatically monitor and record the ranking of each keyword on the mainstream search engines and deduct the corresponding daily expenses according to the price set by the system. At the same time, it will generate detailed statistical reports to optimize customers to have an independent back-end to view at any time. Ensure that every penny of the customer is spent on the blade, transparent consumption, and cost-effective.
Baidu SEO Daily Billing Cooperation Process
9 Steps To Baidu SEO Success
Before we start work, our team will take time to understand you and your business.
Knowing more about your audience, business model and goals, more information will enable us to develop a SEO strategy that suits you.

1.Identify keywords

2.Signing the Contract

3.Recharge Prepayment

4.Provide FTP permissions

5.Start SEO

6.Start Billing After Reaching the Standard

7.Generate Deduction Report

8.Ensure Sufficient Back-end Balance

9.Successful cooperation

Refined control Of The Entire SEO Process
SEO full process fine control
No Good Process, No Good Results!Leading after-sales service work management system uses software to control all work processes and automatically calculates KPIs.
Let the details be visible and the process controllable, this is the customer service standard we advocate!
Keyword-based business value analysis

Keyword-based business value analysis

According to the search volume of keywords, the number of advertisements, and the bidding price, the commercial value and weight priority are determined, and the whole site deployment plan is formulated.
100% compliant with search engine rules

Technical review and website internal optimization

Technical review can improve the usability of the website. SEO review of the content is performed when data is entered to ensure that all content is suitable for SEO.
Stay ahead of the competition

External backlinks construction and competition analysis

The high-quality external backlinks construction of the entire network and the monitoring of competitors' data have surpassed competitors in various SEO indicators and achieved higher rankings.
Advantages of Baidu SEO Pay By Day Services
Services Advantage Of Baidu SEO Pay by day
With years of SEO experience and data-driven methods, we provide guaranteed SEO services.
SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, and we focus on optimization that can stand the test of time.

1.Designated website

Customers can specify to optimize any website they want to optimize without applying our template website.

2.Specify keywords

Customers can specify keywords of any difficulty, as long as they are legal and compliant.

3.Charged per day

The billing starts after the keywords reach the first two pages, no reach no deduction.

4.Multiple search engine coverage

The keyword ranking covers Baidu, Baidu mobile terminal, 360, Sogou, Shenma search and other search engines, covering multiple search engine.

5.Background monitoring

The background can monitor website keyword ranking, traffic and inquiry data, and the effect is clear at a glance.

6.Report rendering

Variety of reports show website consumption and SEO effects, so that you can rest assured that consumption is clear and clear.

7.Low threshold

The website ranking can be optimized to the homepage of multiple search engines with a minimum of 10,000 yuan, and the cost is low, and everyone can do it.

8.Controllable cost

The keyword cost can be inquired before cooperation, and the consumption situation can be predicted, so that you can use it at ease.

9.Stable effect

19 years of listed company SEO technology, multi-search engine ranking optimization, the effect is very stable.

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